Motivational Mapping
Step 1
One of our service improvement experts will listen to your concerns and match you with the appropriate team member(s)

Step 2
Either a virtual or face to face meeting where you tell us what challenges you want to resolve.  Then, we agree the support, timescales commitments, cost and outcomes.

Step 3
We begin hands-on support bespoke to your needs.  This may comprise a one-off or series of delivery days typically encompassing diagnosing the problem (supported by factual data), agreeing the improvement goal, working through solution planning, implementing changes and measuring the improvement.

Step 4
You take the reins, we will leave you and your team with the skills and systems in place to maintain your achievements.
How do we work?
HCIE can help you and your team to solve problems and make improvements to everyday processes.  With a practically focussed, ‘hands on’ approach, your team will be guided to use continuous quality improvement principles to deliver tangible results that benefit both staff and patients.  Typically, our way of working follows a methodical approach:
What do our clients get?
HCIE consider they have successfully helped a team when defined and agreed measures are met and the team feel they could have a go at repeating the improvement in another area once the Associate has left.  Most of our measures will be defined around improving the service in terms of:

  • Delivery – reduced turnaround time to produce something/deliver a service e.g. reduced waiting list or reduced waiting time, released capacity of staff so that demand can be met

  • Quality – improved service in terms of goods produced/services delivered e.g. reduced defects in the system

  • Safety – increased safe working practice

  • Cost – reduced costs

  • Morale – increased drive and optimism in staff attitude at work