Motivational Mapping

Increase energy, motivation,
happiness and productivity
~ Want to know how?
Your personal work motivation profile explained and enhanced
Allocate work tasks to the right staff - you get a good job done
they are satisifed and rewarded

How do you get a map? 

We send you a link, you complete the questions online and a 15 page report all about you appears in your email. We can then arrange feedback at a time to suit your or your whole team.

Winning team leaders work on individual motivations to provide the biggest impact on performance

3 proven core organisational benefits to increasing motivation of the team:
performance, productivity & profitability.

The ability to function effectively with others in a team is down to many factors – including personality traits, attitudes, behaviours and preferred roles – but often, the most important factor is overlooked: the motivational profile of the individual compared to the team.

For the first time, we have a measurement system of individual and team motivation – with the ability to track what is happening in real time

Motivational Mapping will help you to:

- Engage employees from their perspective to achieve what your business needs through your employees.
- Find out what your team wants.
- Change from being a group to a team.
- Improve morale, attitudes and commitment across the team.
- Radically transform appraisals by reframing the one to one session (developing targeted interventions with an individual to one   that will meet everyone’s needs).
- Start a different conversation around the context of individual motivation and the links to performance.
- See the team through a different lens and enable you to see where conflicts may occur across the team.
- Eradicate conflict by addressing personality clashes through identified ‘motivational conflict’.
- Harness individual’s energy into high level performance and organisational achievement.
- Find out how receptive the team is to ‘change’ and whether individuals are emotionally ready or resistant to change before embarking on an improvement programme.

Mapping is quick and easy, participants complete a simple set of questions online and are instantly sent a map showing their current motivational profile. A licensed practitioner will then walk individuals and/or teams through the results exploring the key motivators in depth and, working, together, will develop an effective action plan to boost personal and team energy.

We can offer a range of solutions:

Individual map and feedback session for only £150
Group session and maps are buy 3 get one free

Don't forget your teenagers!
Youth maps - what would you give to know which type of career will make you happy -  at the start of your working life?

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