We are proud to share our customers opinions of us, below are just a few examples.
"Healthcare Improvement Experts have worked on behalf of Qualitas UK (an NHS England Accredited Delivery Partner) for the last 18 months, delivering an NHS England primary care improvement programme directly within GP Surgeries. The Quick Start Programme supports the Time For Care aims of the 5 Year Forward View and the delivery of the 10 High Impact Actions in practice.  HCIE have been a pleasure to work with as their professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm have enabled significant benefits to patients, staff and the organisations to be delivered. Collectively, we develop the Quality Improvement expertise of the teams we work with.  They are always willing to go the extra mile in pursuit of excellence and have a wealth of experience in improvement techniques to support this. I look forward to continuing to work with Elaine and Lisa into the future."
Phil Haynes, National Lead, Qualitas UK
Feb 2018

"I have worked extensively with both Elaine and Lisa in my capacity as a national lead for NHS Improvement, and have found them to be incredibly dedicated, conscientious colleagues. They are both very experienced in the field of service improvement, and understand the importance of building the team and ensuring everyone is on board. They are extremely enthusiastic, and this is infectious. They have worked at a national level, and are very good at understanding the wider political framework of what we try to do in healthcare.
I would recommend them to anyone looking for assistance with a service improvement project.

Edward Seward, Consultant Gastroenterologist, National Clinical Lead for Endoscopy
"We met Elaine at a Northamptonshire based business networking group. We quickly realised that not only did she share the same core values as us and our company but what Healthcare Improvement Experts offer was something we felt we really wanted to work with.
We were intrigued by Motivational Mapping and how it can help both individuals and businesses. Having completed one ourselves and attended a course with Elaine, it’s safe to say that it’s changed the face of our business entirely.
Working in the training industry, it’s important to us that we only work with partners who share the same values. It was apparent early on that a priority for Elaine is to help others and really make a difference and that appealed to us enormously.
We are so thrilled to be working with Elaine on different projects. We feel that what she and her company offers can make a huge difference to any business and fits in perfectly with what we are trying to achieve.
Elaine as a person is approachable and professional. Her work ethic is incredible and she simply can’t do enough to help.
We have learned so much about ourselves and our business because of the work HCI do and I can genuinely say that without Elaine, there could be areas in the future that would have posed a challenge for myself and Alison as business partners. Through motivational mapping, we can now clearly understand how the other works and it has provided us with the key to working as a healthy partnership.
We are so excited to be working with Elaine and HCI in the future. They are a company I highly recommend to other businesses at every opportunity.

Verity Wilkie, Sales & Marketing Director, IMC Pro Solutions Ltd
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